Choose Direct Deposit

Save yourself a visit to our office or ATM and have your paycheck, tax refund or other payments deposited directly to your Palmetto Citizens account.

With direct deposit, your funds will be delivered securely to your checking and/or savings account. In many cases, you will also receive your payment a day early.1

To set up direct deposit to your Palmetto Citizens account(s), you'll need to provide the depositor with Palmetto Citizens' ABA Routing Number and your account number:

  • Palmetto Citizens Routing Number: 253978617
  • Your Account Number:
    • For Checking or Money Market Accounts: Your account number, also called a MICR Account Number, can be located by using:
      • Online/Mobile Banking: Log into your account online or with our app and select your checking or money market account. Your account number (called a MICR Account ID) can be viewed by clicking on 'Show Details' at the top of your transaction listing in online banking or the 'Details' tab in our app.
      • Your Personal Checks: Look on the bottom left corner of your checks to find this information.
    • For Savings Accounts: Use your member number and account number. To locate this information, log into your account online or with our app. The number you will want to use is shown within parentheses next to your savings account name but you will need to remove the colon between your member number and the account number and any leading zeros. For example, if your account number is 0000012345:S0100 you will want to use 12345S0100. You should also make sure your depositor is aware this is a savings account so it can be submitted correctly.

If your employer or depositor doesn't have an online form or other method for providing this information, you can also download our Direct Deposit Authorization Form, complete it and return it to your depositor.

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending a message through the Help Desk in online/mobile banking, calling (803) 732-5000 or visiting any of our convenient locations.

1Subject to receipt from originator; other terms and conditions may apply.