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Financial Tip of the Week

PYF: Pay Yourself FIRST
Try to save money each time you get paid, before paying your bills. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is utilizing payroll dedication to send funds to an account, of your choice, every time you get paid. The money will appear in your account on payday and you won't have to actually think about saving.

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Open a Palmetto Citizens Savings Account

Congratulations 2022 Palmetto Citizens Scholarship Winners!
We partnered with the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation for the second year to award twenty $1,000 scholarships.

  • Alex Blocker - Howard University
  • Amanda Lam - Clemson University
  • Aniya Knightner - University of South Carolina
  • Cailah Tolbert - Anderson University
  • Chrysa Calvert - Clemson University
  • Emma F Batson - University of South Carolina
  • Erin Belcher - University of South Carolina
  • Esther Lam - Wheaton College
  • Garrett Rider - Appalachian State University
  • Jorden Jeffers - University of South Carolina
  • Katerina Baumann - Clemson University
  • Lindsey Vane - Wofford College
  • Mackenzie Goethe - Washington & Lee University
  • Megan Tepley - Anderson University
  • Michael Thomas - Furman University
  • Miriam Tisdale - Qalam Seminary
  • Morgan Creighton - Clemson University
  • Nathan Londhe - Clemson University
  • Taylor Hamilton-Hankins - Stanford University
  • Tennare Jackson - Clemson University