Fee Schedule

As a not-for-profit credit union, Palmetto Citizens has fewer fees than other financial service providers. Click on each heading below to view the associated fees.

Account / Service Associated Fee
Par Value (must remain in savings to maintain membership) $25.00
Excessive Withdrawal Fee (over 2 per month) $3.00
Dormant Account Fee (inactive over 18 months) $4.00 / month
Early Share Account Closing Fee (within 90 days) $15.00
Account / Service Associated Fee
Check Copy $1.00
Check Orders / Re-orders Cost Varies With Style
Debit Card Reissue $3.00
Decoupled Debit Card
$14.00 / month
(when transaction occurred)
Under Minimum Balance1 ($0 minimum for Classic Checking) $12.00 / month
Excess Draft Fee (money market only) $12.00
Money Market Overdraft Transfer2 $5.00
Non-sufficient Funds (per presentment) $24.50
Overdraft Privilege (per presentment)3 $27.00
Statement Copy $3.00 per statement
Stop Payment Placement / Removal
With Insufficient Funds
Foreign Transaction (Debit Card)4 1% of transaction in US dollars
Account / Service Associated Fee
Card Reissue $3.00
Usage of Palmetto Citizens ATM5 No Cost
Usage of Non-Palmetto Citizens ATM:
First 2 Transactions / Inquiries Per Month
After 2nd Inquiry / Transaction Per Month

No Cost
$1.00 / transaction
Account / Service Associated Fee
Late Fee (excludes single payment notes)
5% of Delinquent Amount
(maximum $25.00)
Loan Payment by Check (over phone)6 $5.00
Loan Payment by Debit or Credit Card6 $9.95 + 3% of payment amount
Mortgage Subordination $125.00
Overdraft from Home Equity Line of Credit (per advance)2 $2.00
Overdraft Protection (per advance)2 $2.00
Savings & Credit Builder Program:
Origination Fee
Excessive Withdrawal

2% of Loan Amount ($50 max)
1 Free per Quarter, $10.00 each thereafter
Skip a Payment (eligible members / loans) $35.00
Visa Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fee4 1% of transaction in US dollars
Account / Service Associated Fee
Expedited Payments for Bill Pay $9.95
Loan Payments (from external accounts):
Debit or Credit Card

3% of payment amount
Mobile Deposit Returned Check $10.00
Online Bill Pay7 :
With one of the following criteria:
- Over $15,000 (aggregate loans and savings balance)
- Over $1,000 monthly checking balance w/ eStatements
- Under 25 years of age
- Premium Checking Account holder
Between $7,500 - $14,999.99 (aggregate loans and savings balance)
Under $7,500 (aggregate loans and savings balance)

No Cost

$1.45 / month
$2.95 / month
Remote Transfer:
Incoming / Outgoing (between own accounts)

No Cost
Account / Service Associated Fee
Account Research / Reconciliation $20.00 / hour
Cashier's Check $4.00
Check By Phone Payment $5.00
Check Cashing8 :
Members With Account Balance(s) of $100+
Members With Account Balance(s) under $100

No Cost
Christmas Club Withdrawal Fee $6.00
Christmas Club Check Disbursement Fee9 $3.00
Coin Machines:
Usage for Members (personal accounts)
Usage for Business Accounts and Non-members

No Cost
5% of Total
Incorrect Address Fee $6.00 / month
Money Order $1.50
Rejoining Fee10 (no fee for first time membership) $8.00
Reloadable Debit Cards (other fees may apply):
Purchase Price
Reload Fee
Monthly Maintenance Fee

Returned Item (personal check/ACH) $24.50
Returned Deposit Item (two-party) $4.00
Safe Deposit Boxes (annually):
3 X 5
3 X 10
5 X 10
10 X 10

Senior Program (VIPS):
Under Minimum Balance Fee11

Statement Copy $3.00 per statement
Visa Gift Card $2.50 Per Card
Wire Transfer:
United States
International (Convera)

Account / Service Associated Fee
Low Volume Checking Over Transaction Limit $0.30 / Transaction Over Allotted Amount
High Volume Checking Over Transaction Limit $0.20 / Transaction Over Allotted Amount
Non-Profit Checking Over Transaction Limit $0.15 / Transaction Over Allotted Amount
High Volume Checking Under Minimum Balance1 $12.00 / month
Premium Sweep Over Transaction Limit12 $0.30 / Transaction Over Allotted Amount
Coin Counter for Business Accounts 5% of Total
High Volume Currency Deposit:
First $10,000 / Month
After $10,000 / Month

No Cost
$0.14 / $100

1. Minimum balance on Money Market Account: $2,000; Minimum balance on Premium Money Market Account: $10,000; Minimum balance on Premium Checking Account: $2,500; Minimum balance on High Volume Small Business Checking Account: $2,000. 2. No charge is applied on advances/transfers through TellerLine, online/mobile account access or at a PCFCU office. Excessive draft and minimum balance fees on money market transfers may still apply. 3. No Overdraft Privilege fee charged on transactions of less than $3. Maximum of four Overdraft Privilege fees charged to an account per day. 4. A Cross-Border Assessment of 1% on each transaction on all foreign transactions when Visa must convert a purchase made outside the United States to U.S. dollars for posting. A Cross-Border Assessment fee of 1% is made when a US cardholder makes a transaction in a foreign country, and the merchant accepts the transaction in US currency rather than the currency of their country. The Credit Union will assess these fees to you to reimburse it for the fee it is required to pay for each of your transactions subject to these terms. The Cross-Border transaction fee will be shown separately on your periodic statement. 5. No fee for proprietary ATM usage except those normally associated with share type accounts. 6. From an external account when processed by PCFCU staff (see Online Services for other payment options - no fee when transferred from a PCFCU account). 7. Per member number. 8. All Youth and Teen Program members will be excluded from this fee. Funds will be available for same day withdrawal from any PCFCU ATM at no charge. 9. When annual November disbursement is mailed by check, no fee for direct PCFCU account transfer. 10. Fee will be charged upon re-application only after your initial membership has been closed. 11. Charged when average monthly combined loan and savings balance falls below $100. 12. Six withdrawals and eight deposits (excluding sweep transfers) are allowed per month.