Home Buying Guide

As one of the largest purchases most Americans will ever make, buying and owning a home takes commitment, research and sacrifice. Yet, it's worth the effort. Most people rate a home purchase as their best long-term investment.

How Much Can You Afford

Quick Tip

Don’t forget about the other costs of home ownership like insurance, property taxes, maintenance and repairs.

A general rule of thumb is you can afford 2½ times your annual income. Use our Home Affordability Calculator to determine how much you can afford.

Quick Tip

Don’t forget about the other costs of home ownership like insurance, property taxes, maintenance and repairs.

As part of the qualifying process, lenders will usually assume you can afford to spend 28% of your total income on your mortgage, property taxes and homeowners insurance. Including these costs, your total debt (with auto loans, credit cards, student loans, etc.) should not exceed 36% of your total income.

The amount you can borrow and what you can afford are based on a number of factors including your down payment and qualifying ratios. While you may be able to get a large loan, make sure the payments fit into your budget so you don’t become “house-poor.” Use our Mortgage Payment Calculator to help determine the right price for you.

View our Buying a Home Module, an interactive learning experience in our Wellness Center, to learn all about what you should consider before buying a home.

Finding a Home

Once you’ve determined how much you can afford, the search for the right home begins. The average homebuyer looks at 16 to 25 homes before selecting one to buy. There are several factors to consider including price range, location, type of home, school district, just to name a few. The internet is a great research tool to see what homes are available, what they offer and how much they are selling for. An experienced real estate agent can help you target the right homes and can provide a wealth of information about each one and their neighborhood.

View our The Cost of a Mortgage Module, an interactive learning experience in our Wellness Center, to learn all the process, resources, and strategies to help you buy a home while sticking to a budget.

Costs & Expenses

In addition to securing a mortgage for the home, there are other costs you need to consider when purchasing a home:

  • Down Payment: part of the purchase price paid in cash that is not included in the mortgage. It will be the most significant of your pre-purchase costs and is usually around 5% of the purchase.
  • Earnest Money: a deposit put down to demonstrate your seriousness about buying a home. It becomes part of the down payment if the offer is accepted.
  • Closing Costs: costs above the sale price of the property that must be paid to cover the transfer of ownership at closing. Examples include attorney fees, title insurance, appraisals and property taxes.
  • Post-Purchase Reserve Funds: generally two to three months worth of housing expenses can give you peace of mind against potential cash flow problems after purchase and may be required by the lender.
  • Other Costs of Ownership: these would include such things as homeowners insurance, property taxes and ongoing maintenance and housing expenses.

How We Can Help

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Preparing to Buy Module - Take this short Home Buying online course, offered through GreenPath Financial Wellness, to help ensure you are ready before you begin the home buying process.

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