Enroll in our Savings Round-Up Program

Make saving a little easier with our free Savings Round-Up Program. Enroll today to start saving just by using your debit or ATM card.

With our Savings Round-Up Program, you can automatically have your debit or ATM card transactions rounded up to the nearest dollar, with the difference transferred daily into your savings.

By using this easy savings option, you can help reach your savings goals faster, just by making everyday purchases. You can choose to have the money transferred to either your savings (S1, S2, etc), money market or Christmas Club account. The destination account must be under the same member number as the debit/ATM card.

You can track how much you have saved this month, this year and since you enrolled easily by logging into online banking and choosing 'Savings Round-Up' from the menu.

How to Enroll

You must have an active Palmetto Citizens debit or ATM card linked to a Palmetto Citizens checking account. To enroll, simply log into online banking (not available in mobile banking) and choose "Savings Round-Up" from the menu. Agree to the terms of the program and then choose the checking and savings account you would like to enroll. It may take up to the end of the next day for your enrollment to go into effect.

You can also visit any of our convenient Midlands locations or contact us to enroll.

Program Details

When you enroll in Savings Round-Up, Palmetto Citizens will round-up the amount of any debit or ATM card purchases to the next whole dollar amount, and transfer the amount in excess of the purchase amount(s) from your checking to your designated savings account. The rounded up amounts will be combined and a single transfer will be made at the end of each day.

Daily Savings Round-Up Example

If during one day you make two debit card purchases for $15.75 and $75.34, then a total of $0.91 ($0.25 from the first transaction and $0.66 from the second transaction) will be transferred into the savings account you designated for this program.

If you do not have sufficient available funds available in your checking account, or if any transaction has overdrawn your account, the daily round-up transfer for that day will be cancelled. If your debit/ATM card purchase is subsequently cancelled or reversed (such as a return purchase), the corresponding daily round-up transfer will remain in the savings account. Credits to your account will not be rounded up.

All debit or ATM cards linked to the enrolled checking account will automatically be enrolled in the Savings Round-Up Program.

These daily transfers will increase your transaction volume and length of your monthly statement. Therefore, if you have not done so already, you may wish to enroll in eStatements.

You can un-enroll from this program at any time through online banking or by visiting one of our offices.